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Typical roof garden sections

Below 2 typical roof garden sections. These are only to give an idea. Of course the designs change depending on the needs in the project.
The upper with conventional design. For drainage 2 nonwoven geotextile (filter fabric) layer and gravel in between were used on top of the waterproofing layer. (mineral drainage layer) Heavy and cost more to take the gravel to the roof. Bigger load on the concrete.
The below is with a geocomposite drainage layer, lightweight and easy to use. The drainage layer is only between 0.5- 1 kg depending on the material. ıt is factory made and tested material. The access water from the vegetation and soil comes to drainage layer and carried to channels.

Synthetics three dimensional mats in saltwater aquariums

It is a nice hobby to have an aquarium and saltwater aquariums are even better.
Below are the opinions of a saltwater (reef) aquarium owner:

I tried several items but Enkamat worked best.

The fibres and the design of the mesh are strong enough to make the necessary modifications on the propeller.

The brand name of the pump is Resun. It was risky to make these change to that pump.

By using Enkamat , the performance increased about 50%.

Actually the pump is not designed for this purpose.

I used a system which is called foam fractination protein skimmer ( a special filter system) which is almost necessary for a salt water aquarium.

If the filter surface is large the filtration is better. Filtration surface is the surface which air touches the water.

The system to enlarge this surface is to create a lot of air bubbles. At this point Enkamat works. Instead of a standard propeller Enkamat mixes the air which the pump aspires and makes small pieces of bubles.

So, the skimmer performance is increased.

Tall white cylinder : protein skimmer. Actually it is clear transparent but because of the air bubbles it is seen as white. More white is better. After using Enkamat it becomes really white.

Enkamat has different colours. Light yellow one is used here. But also black ones are more common.
To my opinion it is risky to make the above changes. So, consult your supplier. It may also damage your system. So, this is only a general information. Everybody takes their own risk and resposibility.

Condensation in Yachts

One of the most important problem of the yachtsmen is condensation. They buy the boats for enjoyment but they continue fighting against condensation.

The difference between inside and outside temperatures causes condensation, especially under mattresses, bunk pads and cushions.

If you use a spacer product under the mattresses you can prevent dampness (condensation) beneath boat beds. So, the mold (odor) will also be decreased or finished.

It works like a air circulation layer. When somebody sits on it with the pumping effect the air circulates.

These spacer synthetics made of a 3 dimensional special Polyamide elastic product.

It can be easily cut to size of the cushions and matresses.

These spacer type products ca be used also in basement floor of hoses where there is humidity, bars in basements, campers, caravans etc...
You can use where you may need a spacing product.
These type of products (eg. Enkaspacer) can be used in several applications.

decorative ponds

Decorative ponds for houses or even bigger ones like lakes are widely used by landscaping architects.

If you construct a pond on the side slopes you sometimes put some small sized gravel and some plants.

The plants and gravel or soil sometimes slide down to bottom of the pond.

3 dimensional geosynthetic mats for erosion control or 3D mat type green slope materials may help for this purpose.

On the membrane you can cover with a protection (nonwoven geotextile) and use mat.

These mats can also be used in fish ponds.
For the noise reduction property of the mats please check fountain section.

Aquarium filter with 3d synthetic mats

Especialy in bigger sizes aquariums you may need bigger filters.
With 3D synthetic materials (thickness between 1- 2 cm) you may do effective filters. Roll the mat with a polyester nonwoven or sponge type mat and make a filter.
As it is rolled with polyester mat the 3D synthetic mat prevents bacteria from reentering the aquarium tank. Because the mat provide a bed for bacteria to stop.

Condensation in boats, yachts

Yachtsmen have always a condensation problem in theirs yachts. Also mold and mildew.

You know the outside and inside temperature differences causes condensation in the boats. So, especially underside of your mattresses and cushions becomes wet. You should have to leave your mattresses and cushions on the deck to dry.

Using an elastic mat can be an easy solution for that. You can simply cut to size and put the mat under the mattesses.

When somebody sits on it it makes a pumping effect under the mattress or cushion and there will be an air circulation under the cushions. So it will help to prevent the condensation.

The synthetic mat as a flexible layer combats the damaging effects of condensation. Enka-Dry is a flexible three dimensional ventilation layer, which can be placed under and behind mattresses and cushions in boats and caravans preventing the development of damp, mildew and mould.
In the boats it may be used for :
  • Under beds to prevent dampness
  • Around bilge pumps to prevent clogging
  • bottom of wet locker
  • rope locker-rope dry quickly
  • shelves-to put boxes on

Enka-dry can be also used in:

  • yachts,sailing
  • boats,
  • caravans,
  • cruisers,
  • motorhomes ,
  • tents etc.

Basement, cellar drainage, waterproofing

In the basements of buildings generally we have moisture problems. Even we have waterproofing water may enter the building. A good waterproofing system should be supported by drainage materials.
Geocomposites can intercept incoming water and drain it away from the structure towards the collector pipe.
To use a geocomposite drain is much easier and generally cheaper than conventional drainage systems like mineral drains. Forexample you should carry a lot of gravel to the construction site or building. It is also difficult to use heavy gravel. It is also necessary to cover the drainage pipe with a nonwoven geotextile to prevent clogging.
But a composite drainage sheet with a filter bothsides and only about less than half a kilograms per square meter you can make a better drainage system. Also the inside core of the drainage sheet should be elastic and the core should have a structure to let water go easily to all directions.

A good composite drainage system:
  • Keeps wet soil away from walls
  • collects and removes groundwater
  • Protects the waterproofing on walls
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure

Advantages of composite drains:
  • Ventilates - Prevents wall sweating and fungal growth
  • Light and flexible-Readily adaptable to irregular wall configurations
  • Economical - No extra accessories needed (i.a. strips, special fastenings, etc.)
  • Reliable and durable
The composite drains can be used as do it yourself type of applications also.
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