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Multifunctional geogrids

  • grid embedded in nonwoven filter layers
  • One-step easy installation
  • Optimal interaction with the sub-grade
  • High modulus, low strain (Enkagrid TRC)
  • Geogrid and nonwoven geotextile together

Stabilization+ Filtration+ Separation

Geogrid in railways

Uniaxial geogrids were applied in this railroad project between Aliaga-Izmir cities.
Geogrids were installed as several layers and the specially chosen soil between the layers was compacted. Like the roads in railroad backfills uniaxial geogrids can be used.

Road edge drainage-findrain

Water in road construction weakens the substructure and can have disastrous effects on the structure as a whole. Dynamic loads from road traffic generate a pumping effect, drawing water from the subsoil up into the road structure. Varying water table levels undermine the stability of the base course material and can cause cracking right up to the road surface. This is a case for geosynthetic drain screens which intercept water and drain it off safely into collector pipes. The ideal is a system that is quick to install over both long and short distances. For this purpose, prefabricated findrains were developed. This drain screen can be used with a wide range of different drainpipes, draining off water quickly to the main collector, thereby securing the stability of the entire structure. Prefabricated Findrain can be dug into the sub-soil or be laid in narrow trenches.

Green slopes with wire mesh and Enkamat

Enkamat and wiremesh hold soil particals, stones and seeds. The Enkamat functions as a griplayer for hydroseeding.

First Enkamat is installed on the slope and then on it wiremesh.

As the green of the first hydroseeding does not cover the whole area, a second hydroseeding is needed.

Climbing plants have been planted in the toe of the slope. The last picture is taken one year after installation.

Especially near the roads you may have a green beautiful view.

Geogrid with a filter layer

Kocaeli free zone project has a harbour inside the project. There is a heavy traffic of trucks. To prevent or reduce partial settlements on the roads due to the heavy truck traffic special geogrid was used.
This multifunctional geogrid delivers reinforcement, separation and filtration in one easy-install product for paved roads, parking areas, platforms and building/structure foundations. In the project it reduced the required subbase thickness.
Due to the special manufacturing method Enkagrid TRC has very low elongation properties.

It helps to reduce the partial settlements.

Beside the reinforcing Trc geogrid also provides a filter layer. So it works like a geogrid and a nonwoven .

This type of geogrids work as reinforcement, separation and filtration layers.

Reinforcement of roads by geogrids

On weak soils, for road construction contractors generally need a thick layer of base course.

Using geogrids as reinforcing layers can help to reduce the required thickness of the unbound base course stabilizing structures on soft ground or in unsettled areas.

Another problem is the forces coming from the traffic causes crack on the surface of the road. Geogrid reinforcing layers can absorb the forces and delay propagation of cracks the life of the structure may be increased.

In railway construction multiple layers of geogrid reinforcements can be used to provide more effective stabilization.

Soil consolidation

Civil Engineers, planners and contractors aim for direct economic highways, airports and other traffic routes using natural resources as efficiently as possible in their construction: this often means having to build on poor soils and sometimes even to reclaim land. In many cases, the sub-grade is too weak to allow construction to proceed at a normal rate. Soft, cohesive soils are very slow to consolidate. 90% settlement often takes 20-25 years without the use of Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD's).
Prefabricated vertical drain (PVD), provides an economical solution to this issue. The principle feature of prefabricated vertical drain (Colbonddrain) lies in providing much shorter and highly permeable drainage paths for the dissipation of excess porewater pressure, allowing 90% consolidation in a time period of months, rather than years.
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