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Building - Sound Reduction

Enkasonic® - sound control matting


Enkasonic® is used as sound control matting beneath ceramic tile, marble, wood vinyl or carpet flooring in both wood frame and concrete slab constructions. Due to its reduced thickness (10 mm), Enkasonic® E is ideal for both new constructions and retrofit. In addition to acting as a sound reduction layer, Enkasonic® E also contributes to the thermal insulation of the floor.

• Easy to install
• Used to create “void” essential for sound insulation
• Resilient enough to absorb impact sound
• Ideal for new construction and rehab projects


For the installation of Enkasonic®, the following steps should be followed:
• Ensure proper sub-floor strength
• Install perimeter isolation strip to prevent impact sound
• transmission through floor- wall contact area
• Place Enkasonic® on top of sub-floor and tape joints
• Place the overlay on top of Enkasonic®
• Place the floor covering on top of the overlay

Fountains and water displays

In controlling water movement, back splash, and noise in commercial fountains and water displays you may need a material to reduce the sound. Three dimensional products which can control these , can be used used in theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, museum exhibits etc.
For more detail :sport & leisure

Sound control-cooling towers

In cooling towers or some other similar structures, the falling water causes noise annoyances. In such cases some products for sound absorption is needed.

There are several type of products but sheet type products are easy to install and it is possible to use needed number of sheets. Enkasonic is one of them. Depending on the number of layers used, Enkasonic can reduce noise by up to 10 dB. The product is made of inert polymers, which are resistant to the aggressive conditions in cooling towers andsimilar environments. So, Sound control is done easily.
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