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Egg incubation / hatching substrate

Use of Enkaflex® as an egg incubation/hatching substrate within IAT “Bluewater” recirculation systems
• Used from post eyed to first feeding only.

• In 5m diameter fish tanks, used as follows (method is adaptable!).

• 6 ‘spokes’ radiating from tank centre, approx. 1m wide (roll width) by 2m long.

• Spokes laid ‘smooth side down’ and weighted with clean stones.

• Each spoke overlaid with two stainless steel ‘Marr Tray’ Grids, with ‘raising bolts’ in corners to hold MTG approx. 10mm off surface of Enkaflex®.

• Alternative egg grids could be used BUT avoid other metals (e.g. aluminium) within recirculation system, and ensure 10mm gap between grid and substrate.

• Water level in tank to apprx 10-20mm above egg grids. Very slow flow rate set (to avoid washing eggs from grids).

• Approx. 200-220k eyed ova added per tank, by pouring from jug (33k-36k per spoke).

• Nominally 20,000 per m2.

• Check in tank oxygen levels are competent!

• Post hatch, remove MTG or its equivalent. Clean and store.

• Examine alevins at routine intervals to establish readiness to first feed.

• At appropriate time, enter tank and gently remove Enkaflex® spokes by lifting from one corner. Allow alevins time to escape.

• To clean Enkaflex® post use: ‘Hang over washing line and pressure wash to clean’.

• Significant improvements in survival and first feeder weights (up 25%) are reported. Vast area of suitable space for alevins to gain surface contact. No yolk sac pinching at all. reduced stress and reduced need for movement must be beneficial.

Rain water spray absorbing matting for vehicles

Another use of synthetics 3 dimensional mats.

ExSpray is a rain water spray absorbing matting at the inside of mud flaps of trucks and busses. The open structure of the matting "catches" 80% of the rain drops, before spraying out adjacent to the truck. Consequently the rain water spraying effect of the tires is minimized significantly. This results in good view for the cars driving adjacent to the truck or bus.

OVAMAT in spawning tanks

Geosynthetics also helps in fishing industry, in fisheries.

OVAMAT - The economical way to increase the egg holding capacity of spawning tanks
OVAMAT introduces a random 3D mono filament structure throughout the bottom 180mm of the spawning tank creating a significant area of additional space within the existing facilities thus increasing its egg holding capacity. When laid in the bottom of the spawning tank OVAMAT provides an extensive open network of nylon threads onto which the ova can attach themselves. OVAMAT acts as a substitute for the three-dimensional features normally found in the environment of a river or stream. Actually Ovamat is also a type of 3 dimensional synthetic product which is similar to Enkamat.
• This hatchery matting provides up to 30% more egg holding capacity in existing tanks.

• Density, its specific gravity exceeds 1.0. It will not float and lies evenly on the bottom.

• Easy to clean and disinfect. Can be used time and time again.

• The open structure of the material presents no hazard to aleven.

• A tough mono-filament three dimensional polyamide matting with 90% open volume.

• Resistant to all chemicals found in fresh or river water UV stable.

• Totally inert and harmless to the environment. Of no nutritive value.

• Flexible and light, it can be cut to size with scissors or sharp blade.

Where can we use a spunlaid nonwoven?

Applications (nonwoven) :

  • Single ply

  • Under slating

  • Vapor barrier

  • Liquid roofing

  • Crack repair

  • Wall reinforcement

  • Sandpaper

  • Wood bending

  • Protection layer in molds

  • Horticulture

  • Rubber conveyer belts

  • Pipe wrapping

  • Tapes

  • Reinforced plastics / Pultrusion

Metal roofing

Spacer synthetic products are also used in the construction of metal roofs.

The functions of these ventilation products are:

  • Drainage and ventilation layer

  • Suitable for use with copper, zinc, steel and aluminium roof panels

  • Entrapped moisture can diffuse out of the roofing structure

  • Allows different movement due to temperature changes

  • Reduction of rainfall noise by up to 50%

Spacers for infusion as flow medium

The fiberglass manufacturing industries like boat, yacht manufacturing, rotorblades of wind turbines the resin flows between the reinforcing layers. To keep glass fibre layers separated and provide an open channel for foams and resins to flow easily and quickly through molded parts a flow media is used as spacer. Very thin but still 3-D structure mats, spacers can be used as an infusion mesh or transport medium for the resin. Enka-Spacer, EnkaFusion and Enka-Channel type of spacers are used as both feeder & bleeder material in the production of rotor blades, boat manufacturing and similar composites manufacturing.
3-reinforcing layer

Fountains and water displays

In controlling water movement, back splash, and noise in commercial fountains and water displays you may need a material to reduce the sound. Three dimensional products which can control these , can be used used in theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, museum exhibits etc.
For more detail :sport & leisure

PUR foam injection and RTM processes

PUR foam injection or other RTM (resin transfer moulding) processes, a spacer (Enkaspacer) can be used matting, holding the glass fibre layers in place. The automotive industry (and technology related industries) are often making use of on of the various types of this product. Enkaspacer is a widely used spacer in this industry. Enka-Spacer is a flexible and effective product that can speed up the production process and ensures a repeatable high-quality product. It holds the placed glass fibre reinforcement matting between the composite skins in the correct location throughout the process, allows the polymer foam to flow freely through the mould and ensures that both the glass fibre reinforcement and the skins are fully wetted out.
These type of spacer can be used in other industrial applications.

Sound control-cooling towers

In cooling towers or some other similar structures, the falling water causes noise annoyances. In such cases some products for sound absorption is needed.

There are several type of products but sheet type products are easy to install and it is possible to use needed number of sheets. Enkasonic is one of them. Depending on the number of layers used, Enkasonic can reduce noise by up to 10 dB. The product is made of inert polymers, which are resistant to the aggressive conditions in cooling towers andsimilar environments. So, Sound control is done easily.
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