The synthetic products generally used to solve geotechnical or civil engineering problems are called geosynthetics. They are made of several type of polymers like pvc, hdpe, pp, pa, pet.. .. or etc.

Geosynthetics term is used to cover all type of products like : geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, geomats, geonets, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geofoam, geocells (cellular confinement) and geospacers (which are used in building constructions also).

Below are some applications for geosynthetics.

-civil engineering
-geotechnical applications,
-road construction
-environmental, waste disposals, reservoirs,
-basement drainage
-roof gardens
-soil reinforcement
-retaining structures,
-canals, dams,
-erosion control,
-landfill liners, landfill covers,
-soil consolidation
-aquaculture and agriculture
-landscaping, garden, hobby, diy,
-some type are used as semifinished products in industrial production

-...   etc
Please check the labels and subjects for detailled information
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