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Condensation in boats, yachts

Yachtsmen have always a condensation problem in theirs yachts. Also mold and mildew.

You know the outside and inside temperature differences causes condensation in the boats. So, especially underside of your mattresses and cushions becomes wet. You should have to leave your mattresses and cushions on the deck to dry.

Using an elastic mat can be an easy solution for that. You can simply cut to size and put the mat under the mattesses.

When somebody sits on it it makes a pumping effect under the mattress or cushion and there will be an air circulation under the cushions. So it will help to prevent the condensation.

The synthetic mat as a flexible layer combats the damaging effects of condensation. Enka-Dry is a flexible three dimensional ventilation layer, which can be placed under and behind mattresses and cushions in boats and caravans preventing the development of damp, mildew and mould.
In the boats it may be used for :
  • Under beds to prevent dampness
  • Around bilge pumps to prevent clogging
  • bottom of wet locker
  • rope locker-rope dry quickly
  • shelves-to put boxes on

Enka-dry can be also used in:

  • yachts,sailing
  • boats,
  • caravans,
  • cruisers,
  • motorhomes ,
  • tents etc.

Spacers for infusion as flow medium

The fiberglass manufacturing industries like boat, yacht manufacturing, rotorblades of wind turbines the resin flows between the reinforcing layers. To keep glass fibre layers separated and provide an open channel for foams and resins to flow easily and quickly through molded parts a flow media is used as spacer. Very thin but still 3-D structure mats, spacers can be used as an infusion mesh or transport medium for the resin. Enka-Spacer, EnkaFusion and Enka-Channel type of spacers are used as both feeder & bleeder material in the production of rotor blades, boat manufacturing and similar composites manufacturing.
3-reinforcing layer

PUR foam injection and RTM processes

PUR foam injection or other RTM (resin transfer moulding) processes, a spacer (Enkaspacer) can be used matting, holding the glass fibre layers in place. The automotive industry (and technology related industries) are often making use of on of the various types of this product. Enkaspacer is a widely used spacer in this industry. Enka-Spacer is a flexible and effective product that can speed up the production process and ensures a repeatable high-quality product. It holds the placed glass fibre reinforcement matting between the composite skins in the correct location throughout the process, allows the polymer foam to flow freely through the mould and ensures that both the glass fibre reinforcement and the skins are fully wetted out.
These type of spacer can be used in other industrial applications.

Sound control-cooling towers

In cooling towers or some other similar structures, the falling water causes noise annoyances. In such cases some products for sound absorption is needed.

There are several type of products but sheet type products are easy to install and it is possible to use needed number of sheets. Enkasonic is one of them. Depending on the number of layers used, Enkasonic can reduce noise by up to 10 dB. The product is made of inert polymers, which are resistant to the aggressive conditions in cooling towers andsimilar environments. So, Sound control is done easily.
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