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Building - Sound Reduction

Enkasonic® - sound control matting


Enkasonic® is used as sound control matting beneath ceramic tile, marble, wood vinyl or carpet flooring in both wood frame and concrete slab constructions. Due to its reduced thickness (10 mm), Enkasonic® E is ideal for both new constructions and retrofit. In addition to acting as a sound reduction layer, Enkasonic® E also contributes to the thermal insulation of the floor.

• Easy to install
• Used to create “void” essential for sound insulation
• Resilient enough to absorb impact sound
• Ideal for new construction and rehab projects


For the installation of Enkasonic®, the following steps should be followed:
• Ensure proper sub-floor strength
• Install perimeter isolation strip to prevent impact sound
• transmission through floor- wall contact area
• Place Enkasonic® on top of sub-floor and tape joints
• Place the overlay on top of Enkasonic®
• Place the floor covering on top of the overlay

Metal roofing

Spacer synthetic products are also used in the construction of metal roofs.

The functions of these ventilation products are:

  • Drainage and ventilation layer

  • Suitable for use with copper, zinc, steel and aluminium roof panels

  • Entrapped moisture can diffuse out of the roofing structure

  • Allows different movement due to temperature changes

  • Reduction of rainfall noise by up to 50%

Composites for sport pitches

In artificial football pitches or other sport areas generally they need shock absorbtion layers.

There are composites especially designed as a shock absorption layer under artificial sport pitches, thereby combining a long term resilience layer with good shock absorption characteristics and drainage capacity. These products sometimes even being re-used under the renewed carpet / topping for a second life.
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