Egg incubation / hatching substrate

Use of Enkaflex® as an egg incubation/hatching substrate within IAT “Bluewater” recirculation systems
• Used from post eyed to first feeding only.

• In 5m diameter fish tanks, used as follows (method is adaptable!).

• 6 ‘spokes’ radiating from tank centre, approx. 1m wide (roll width) by 2m long.

• Spokes laid ‘smooth side down’ and weighted with clean stones.

• Each spoke overlaid with two stainless steel ‘Marr Tray’ Grids, with ‘raising bolts’ in corners to hold MTG approx. 10mm off surface of Enkaflex®.

• Alternative egg grids could be used BUT avoid other metals (e.g. aluminium) within recirculation system, and ensure 10mm gap between grid and substrate.

• Water level in tank to apprx 10-20mm above egg grids. Very slow flow rate set (to avoid washing eggs from grids).

• Approx. 200-220k eyed ova added per tank, by pouring from jug (33k-36k per spoke).

• Nominally 20,000 per m2.

• Check in tank oxygen levels are competent!

• Post hatch, remove MTG or its equivalent. Clean and store.

• Examine alevins at routine intervals to establish readiness to first feed.

• At appropriate time, enter tank and gently remove Enkaflex® spokes by lifting from one corner. Allow alevins time to escape.

• To clean Enkaflex® post use: ‘Hang over washing line and pressure wash to clean’.

• Significant improvements in survival and first feeder weights (up 25%) are reported. Vast area of suitable space for alevins to gain surface contact. No yolk sac pinching at all. reduced stress and reduced need for movement must be beneficial.

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