Condensation in Yachts

One of the most important problem of the yachtsmen is condensation. They buy the boats for enjoyment but they continue fighting against condensation.

The difference between inside and outside temperatures causes condensation, especially under mattresses, bunk pads and cushions.

If you use a spacer product under the mattresses you can prevent dampness (condensation) beneath boat beds. So, the mold (odor) will also be decreased or finished.

It works like a air circulation layer. When somebody sits on it with the pumping effect the air circulates.

These spacer synthetics made of a 3 dimensional special Polyamide elastic product.

It can be easily cut to size of the cushions and matresses.

These spacer type products ca be used also in basement floor of hoses where there is humidity, bars in basements, campers, caravans etc...
You can use where you may need a spacing product.
These type of products (eg. Enkaspacer) can be used in several applications.

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