Synthetics three dimensional mats in saltwater aquariums

It is a nice hobby to have an aquarium and saltwater aquariums are even better.
Below are the opinions of a saltwater (reef) aquarium owner:

I tried several items but Enkamat worked best.

The fibres and the design of the mesh are strong enough to make the necessary modifications on the propeller.

The brand name of the pump is Resun. It was risky to make these change to that pump.

By using Enkamat , the performance increased about 50%.

Actually the pump is not designed for this purpose.

I used a system which is called foam fractination protein skimmer ( a special filter system) which is almost necessary for a salt water aquarium.

If the filter surface is large the filtration is better. Filtration surface is the surface which air touches the water.

The system to enlarge this surface is to create a lot of air bubbles. At this point Enkamat works. Instead of a standard propeller Enkamat mixes the air which the pump aspires and makes small pieces of bubles.

So, the skimmer performance is increased.

Tall white cylinder : protein skimmer. Actually it is clear transparent but because of the air bubbles it is seen as white. More white is better. After using Enkamat it becomes really white.

Enkamat has different colours. Light yellow one is used here. But also black ones are more common.
To my opinion it is risky to make the above changes. So, consult your supplier. It may also damage your system. So, this is only a general information. Everybody takes their own risk and resposibility.

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