Roof garden system

In the design of roof gardens designers should choose the design system depending on the local weather and plant conditions. Because the climate and the plants are different in al the world. Especially the drainage layer is important for the plants.

Below another roof garden design is shown.

On the concrete substrate there is a waterproofing membrane and a root barrier on it. But in some designs it is possible to lay a nonwoven geotextile to protect the waterproofing layer and a protection concrete could be casted. So, the root barrier may not be used depending on the type of plants.

For the drain layer a geocomposite drainage layer can be used. Because it is made of light materials. Otherwise you should use gravel for drainage and it will cause a load of about 150 kg/m2 on the building. So, it is much better to use a composite drainage layer.

The drainage layer should have a good filter layer to prevent clogging.

On the drainage layer landscaping architects may use a water retention layer.

You can use a prevegetated mat and soil as growth medium on the top.

This system may be used as a good drainage system.

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