Parking deck- drainage

Dealing with the ever increasing number of cars requires both a creative and practical solution to growing parking problems. The construction of parking areas on the roofs of buildings proves to be an efficient option. This system should cover the primary objectives: prevent infiltration of rain water, protect the waterproof layer and provide a sufficient stability allowing vehicles to drive and park. Also aspects of aesthetics, maintenance and repair costs need to be considered. Securing a well designed drainage system is a major function that can be fulfilled by geocomposites. Due to the expected traffic loads, high compression resistance is one of the main factors to be taken into account in the choice of a suitable product.

Drainage mats, which have all proven themselves in the past and provide outstanding performance in many parking deck projects worldwide. As the number of applications has grown, so has the number of criteria for selecting drainage mats. From a combination of pressure resistance, water discharge capacity, slope, filter stability and other factors, can effect to choose the right product for each specific project. For more information on drainage mats like Enkadrain and their applications.
Typical roof construction
1. Concrete roof
2. Protection layer
3. Impermeable layer
4. drainage material (mat)
5. Sand/gravel 2-7 mm, 6-15 cm
6. Pavement layer, 6-12 cm
7. Interlock improvement by sand

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