Advantages of using uniaxial geogrids in reinforced soil retaining walls

Advantages of using uniaxial geogrids in reinforced soil retaining walls, can be listed as follows:
  • Fast construction in all weather conditions
  • No mortar, dry built
  • Optimal utilization of land
  • Free design support (almost all the companies supply)
  • Aesthetics: impressive & stylish designs
  • Versatility & flexibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Durability, resistance to environmental influences
  • Accredited by independent testing laboratories
  • Minimal maintenance

How does erosion control mat function?

Geosynthetic erosion control mats help nature to establish a natural, vegetation cover, as it :
  • acts as an artificial root-system
  • holds soil particles and seeds
  • reduces water and wind velocities
  • creates a micro-climate and favours germination of seeds and growth
  • reinforces the vegetation cover in the root-zone

Principle installation of PVD

Principle installation of Prefabricated Vertical drains
  • Specialized rig
  • Mandrill supported inside a leader held by crane or hydraulic excavator
  • Mandrill pushed into soil by chains/cables driven by hydraulic engines.
  • PVD installed inside a mandrill
  • Rhombic mandrill less disturbance (Often rectangular mandrill)

Layers of a landfill

From bottom to top layers:

  • Waste
  • Leveling layer : Levels the top of the waste dump. Forms a foundation layer for the capping construction.
  • Gas conducting layer : Ensures controlled removal of the gas rising to the surface of the dump.
  • Impermeable seal : Stops the escape of gas and prevents the influx of (rain) water.
  • Drainage layer : Removes excess (rain) water.
  • Vegetation layer : Permits formation of an environmentally acceptable surface structure and protects the liner.

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Reasons for drainage

Reduce and eliminate hydraulic pressure against structures:

Prevent leakage through a subsoil wall

Roof Gardens and Green roofs

Two systems - Two purposes

Roof gardens:

  • To be used as a garden
  • with rich vegetation on a thick layer of soil
  • requires maintenance

Green Roofs:

  • environment-friendly roof with a thin vegetal cover
  • not to be used as garden
  • low maintenance vegetation (mosses,
    sedums, herbs) on a thin layer of
    lightweight substrate
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