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http://www.geosyntheticsworld.com/  is a blog or an internet magazine developing to publish information, case studies, news about all type of geosynthetics. Publishing your posts about geosynthetics is free.
We are developing to collect as much information possible on the subject in one place on the net so contractors, engineers, installers, students, and even home owners can find practical solutions with geosynthetics.

Send us your case studies, new product informations, news and any related informations about the usage of geosynthetics (geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, geomats, geomembranes, spacers, .....)
Also the articles about the machine and equipments, tools, products which are used for installation of geosynthetics are also accepted.
We prefer to publish the articles which haven't been published elsewhere.

Geosyntheticsworld is a free general information resource for all the people interested in geosynthetics. For more detailled information please contact the companies and the books  :)

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