Erosion control

Why erosion control
  • during the erosion process soil particles are transported, resulting in the gradual deformation and destruction of slopes, banks, shores, rivers bottoms, etc.
  • elsewhere, erosion causes undesirable sedimentation on agricultural land and roads, in rivers and drainage systems, etc.

How can we control erosion?

a)Existing slopes:

  • prevent removal of the vegetation
  • in case of new slopes protect the fertile surface layer by means of:
    -coarse, less erodible surface
    -flatter slopes / terraces
    -surface cover with concrete, stones, plastic sheets
    -temporary plastic sheets over surface in rain season
    -geosynthetic mats
    -biodegradable mats

b)In case of slopes of ditches/channels:

  • revetment structure
  • concrete blocks

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