Drainage in Tunnels with geocomposites

Bored Tunnels

The world's biggest tunnel projects are being executed in mountainous regions by means of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). Providing adequate drainage is an essential factor in making these tunnels a safe and extending their service life. With bored tunnels, especially with the New Austrian method, geosynthetic drainage and protection layers are a permanent feature. They are applied directly to the unfinished spray concrete coating of the rock face to drain off water and provide protection to the tunnel liners.One product requirement in this particular application is that it must be capable of following the irregularities of the tunnel walls.Geocomposites Enkamat and Enkadrain are used as drainage and protection layers in tunneling,
Cut and Cover Tunnels
With cut and cover tunnels, as with other structures, a long and safe service life is a high priority and is influenced by the design of the drainage system. The installation of geocomposites at tunnel projects is a proven method to drain off water safely and protect the tunnel sealing system. For the use in tunnelling, the Enkadrain product range offers a number of proven and tested drainage mats. Enkadrain can be installed quickly and easily over large areas and be adapted to the most complex geometries. For many years now, different types of Enkadrain have been proving their capabilities in terms of runoff capacity, compression resistance and protection in tunnels and galleries all over the world.

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